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Here is the first segment, and a link to an article by Fact, located at:

10 Hip-Hop Producers To Watch In 2015

(from the article)

Behind every great rapper is, these days, often a rag-tag team of innovative young producers.

factThanks to a wealth of cheap (and often free) music software, it’s easier to make beats than ever before, and that’s allowed a wave of young shut-ins the opportunity to make beats that realistically can make waves in the club and in the Billboard charts. Now all you need is a laptop and a cracked copy of FL Studio to craft the next ‘OG Bobby Johnson’, and if you want a rapper to hear your beats, social networking’s made that easier than ever before.

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An additional resource:

Here is an article from the LA Weekly.


“The music is the fuel/A perfect place for emcess to duel,” LL Cool J declared on “I Need a Beat” way back in 1984, and it’s still true today — without a hot beat behind him (or her), even the nimblest rapper’s rhymes tend to fall flat. Anyone who’s been a hip-hop fan for more than a minute starts studying the liner notes (or, these days, Wikipedia or DatPiff) to see which producers’ names keep turning up of their favorite albums and mixtapes. Which become your favorites is ultimately a matter of personal taste — but these 20, we believe, represent the ones who have done the most to push the music forward, both artistically and, in some cases, commercially.

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